For more information on New Zealand try these other Web Sites...

ACCOMMODATION: Pedallers' Paradise is light on accommodation details, so here are a list of organisations that produce accommodation directories...

Budget Backpacker Hostels NZ (BBHNZ) has a listing of over 280 backpacker hostels throughout NZ and is the definitive accommodation guide for travellers on a budget. Obtain a free copy of the latest edition of their directory. It includes an annual BPP "Backpacker Perception Percentage", a survey of over 3,500 hostel users carried out each February.

Holiday & Accommodation Parks NZ inc (HAPNZ). A directory of over 270 holiday accommodation parks (motor camps) throughout New Zealand. Formerly known as Camp and Cabin Association then the marketing men got hold of them.

Kiwi Camps of New Zealand This site has a list 56 holiday parks throughout New Zealand.

The New Zealand & Australian Bed & Breakfast Books. These seem to tbe accommodation guides for Bed and Breakfasters.


Guests in New Zealand (GINZ) (not to be confused with GISNZ!)
They provide information on guest house and B & B accommodation and is famous for being the first site where Pedallers' Paradise appeared on the Web!

New Zealand Mountainbike Web has information on everything to do with NZ Mountain Biking and more hosted by the Kennett Brothers, authors of Classic NZ Mountain Bike Rides book.

New Zealand Tourism Board site, which has some useful links to just about everything to do with NZ.

Jan Boonstra's Cycling Pages is a very useful site for information on cycle touring in general. Not only for Jan's personal touring accounts but also a list of links to other cycling related sites.

Dave and Heather Stillman's site also has a lot of information and pictures avalable. They are a quite rare thing - cycle tourers from New Zealand!

Glenn Ord's site also has information on a personal basis.

Also Bob Adair's site has more information on a personal basis.

Another site in Dutch this time has even more information on a personal basis.

Nadir Outpost is a site dedicated to the South Island's most southern hostel, information centre and shop.

Lonely Planet Guides (yuck!) have more general information on New Zealand.

METVUW is an interesting and useful website for NZ weather with satellite maps, upper air data, current and ocean weather, forecast charts, interesting photographs and more.

INTELLICAST has satellite weather maps from around the world.

AUSTRALIA This is a useful resource for those silly enough to be planning a trip to Bruceland before, after or in between New Zealand!

Another useful Australian site, with Queensland and Northern NSW routes in pdf.

Cyclotour Guide Books is a North American company offering cycle touring guide publications in North America.

Christchurch City Council have their cycle street map available from their website.

Auckland Regional Council have their regional cycle map available from their website.

Cycle Advocates Network are the umbrella organisation for promoting cycling issues in NZ and have a broad range of imformation.

Ground Effect is a Christchurch based manufacturer of reasonably priced, practical and stylish clothing designed specially for mountain biking. Sold by mail order only.

Bike New Zealand is an organisation with leanings more towards trade, racing and BMX in NZ. Their newsletter forms part of the Endurance magazine.

Steven Muir has economical kitset bike trailer design available. He has also written a cycling related book entitled "PROSACC" (Profound Revelations Of Sunday Afternoon Cycling Church) and lives just round the corner!

Pedallers' Paradise New Zealand cycle touring guide books descriptions.
Updates of older editions of Pedallers' Paradise.
An Introduction to cycle touring in New Zealand.

Google Mapsprovides maps of New Zealand.

Google EarthIs for people with Broadband and is called an "Earth Viewer" and includes New Zealand.